Filertek  is the revolutionary easy to use clip-on tab file indexing system for hanging and suspension files.


Now after more than five years in research and development Filertek is revolutionising filing systems worldwide. Extensive research was carried out to establish the innovative design of the Filertek filing tab with its own unique built in writing surface.






After the research phase we set about designing the Filertek tab, using state of the art CAD design processes to design a product that is both functional in design and using precise specifications to deliver a finish and performance that is truly world class. The materials used to manufacture the Filertek tab are of the highest quality specifically designed to deliver optimum performance for the lifetime of the product.







The Filertek tab has been formulated using a special blend of hybrid plastic materials, the built in writing surface has been manufactured using the highest quality thermoplastic to ensure a precise surface that can be used again and again with outstanding performance characteristics. We then developed a special fast drying and odourless ink to use in the Filertek dry erase pens to deliver the accuracy and performance required to pass our comprehensive manufacturing standards and deliver superior performance again and again. The ink used conforms to ASTM D4236-94(2005) & EM71-3.





At Filertek we understand people and businesses worldwide are looking for an efficient and effective solution to the tiresome task of filing and the indexing of files, the current systems available have been around for over forty years without any innovation or product development.

Filertek has transformed the tiresome task of filing and the indexing of files, with the new Filertek tab system filing now takes seconds to index and only seconds to change, update or reuse a file.

 We have also designed the versatile Filertek tab to allow for printed paper labels if required, the paper label simply slides in from the top. 


The Filertek tab is easy and simple to use






  1. Click open the clear protective cover
  2. Write the file name using the Filertek dry erase pen
  3. Close the clear protective cover

To create a file with Filertek It’s as simple as that !

When you need to change, update or reuse a file






  1. Click open the clear protective cover
  2. Erase the current file name by simply wiping the dry erase ink off
  3. Write the new file name using the Filertek dry erase pen
  4. Close the clear protective cover

Filertek lets you file in seconds! Whether you are creating a new file, changing, updating or reusing a file you can complete the task in only seconds!


Filertek use state of the art manufacturing technology to deliver a premium quality product designed to perform again and again using the highest grade manufacturing materials enabling product with superior quality standards delivering world class performance.





Filertek have worldwide patents on the product in countries across the globe such as Australia, United States, Europe and many others. Patents ensure any product carrying the Filertek brand is a genuine Filertek product manufactured to our strict standards using only the highest grade materiels delivering a world class product.